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Swift and precise responses to customer queries with our AI Messenger Assistant.

Why Our AI Messenger Chatbot Service is the Best

Experience the future of customer service with our advanced AI Messenger Chatbot solutions. Tailored to fit all your business needs, PaquiBot AI Assistant is all about making life easier and your business stronger.


Our chatbots respond instantly, providing real-time interaction. They evolve with each conversation, improving their performance to ensure the best service.


With Manila AI Bot, your chat is online 24×7-365 and ready to answer your customer queries — no matter how complex!


Our team is always ready to assist. We promptly address queries and issues, ensuring smooth operations.


Our messenger ChatBots offer top-tier service at competitive prices. They’re a value-adding investment for Manila businesses.

Get to Know PaquiBot AI Assistant!

Are you a ‘see it to believe it’ person? 

You can experience PaquiBot’s magic firsthand with our Bakery Sample. Have a chat on Facebook and see what our amazing assistant can do.

Ready for a transformation?

Experience PaquiBot’s impact with a free trial. Dive into our guide to understand how it can revolutionize your business.

4 Steps to Launch Your AI Chatbot

1. Bot Discussion

Talk to us about your business. We’ll show you the exciting ways our AI Messenger Chatbot can help you. It’s the future of customer interaction, today.

2. Personalization

We give your bot a unique personality that fits your brand. It’s like creating your very own digital employee. Your business, your bot, your rules.

3. Bot Installation

We seamlessly integrate your new AI Messenger Chatbot into your Facebook Messenger. Just sit back and watch as it starts chatting with your customers. It’s a new team member who’s ready 24/7.

4. Future-Ready Support

We stick around to ensure your bot stays up-to-date and ready to assist. Your digital assistant gets better over time. We’re in this journey together, for the long haul.

Our team

Isabel Confesor

Computer Engineering Student

Empower Your Business with PaquiBot: The best AI Messenger Chatbot in the Philippines

Step into the future with our cutting-edge AI chatbot technology. Streamline your customer interactions, save time, and boost your business productivity.


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  • Intelligent Auto-Responses
  • Multilingual Capabilities
  • 24/7 Customer Engagement
  • Easy Integration
  • Full Support

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